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The Golf Challenge – Play Today App is a new way to play golf, while practising or playing a tournament.

The idea is simple, how long do you want to Play Today?

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Golf Challenge - Play Today

Bryden Macpherson, winner of the 2021 Golf Challenge NSW Open

Golf Challenge - Play Today
Want to hold a three hour tournament for 144 players?

Simply play a 6 holes Course Challenge (normal golf) combined with three Putting Challenges; three Up and Down Challenges; three Bunker Challenges and three NTP Challenges. So you can play all 18 holes in less than three hours! With a shot gun start for teams of two to eight players per group. Imagine that, a golf event playing the full course, with 144 players, in less than 3 hours.

Want to play for an hour with a couple of mates?

Simply play a 3 hole Course Challenge combined with a single Putting, Bunker and NTP Challenge. All Challenges are played on the same three holes in less than an hour.

Play the Golf Challenge, a simple new way to play golf.

Play a Putting Challenge with your mates

Golf Challenge - Play Today
Golf Challenge - Play Today

Golf Challenge – Play Today App

The Golf Challenge App is a free and easy to use scoring app to help golfers play the Golf Challenge either at their local practise facility or on course at their golf club. The app keeps track of their score and gives them access to their performance data to help them improve their game of golf. The Golf Challenge consists of different skill challenges, each challenge uses the players handicap to set the level of golf skill required. For example, a 10 handicapper is required to hit their NTP shots within 5%, a scratch golfer 1%.

Live Leaderboards

The App is developed so you can play your Club Challenge events with a Live Leaderboard. You can see the rest of the field’s scores live during the event. This makes it great for Club competitions, Charity Golf Tournaments and Pro-Am events. Simply create your own Club Challenge with the Live Leaderboard enabled.

Always 100 points per Challenge

The scoring system is simple and designed for the digital age, using the Golf Challenge app. You score a maximum 100 points per challenge, always 100 points, so maximum points equals 100 percent – so you can track your performance while having fun playing the different challenges. A wildcard allows the player to choose their favourite challenge to play for double points.

Golf Challenge – Play Today TV

Download the Golf Challenge App to watch series one for free! 6 of Australia’s leading young professional golfers competing for the title and a $10,000 winner takes all prize. Hosted at a secret location overlooking Sydney harbour, the competition will be a combination of inside (Simulator – NTP, last three holes at Pebble Beach) and outside (Putting and Bunker) Golf Challenges.

New Concept

The series is designed to introduce a new golfing concept, Golf Challenge. Four golf skill challenges – Putting Challenge, Bunker Challenge, NTP Challenge and the Course Challenge.

Play Anywhere

The series illustrates how the Golf Challenge can be played, either at practise facilities using golf simulators, or as an on course challenge at any golf club around the world. The Golf Challenge can be played in less than an hour for single player practise and under 90 mins for 4 players playing against each other in their own competitions.

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Golf Challenge - Play Today
Golf Challenge - Play Today


Most Golf Clubs host weekly competitions, charity golf days and Pro-Am events using either a Stableford or Stroke round scoring system. These traditional ways of playing golf tournaments typically take between 4 to 5 hours, sometimes longer with a maximum field of 72 players.

The Golf Challenge provides A New Way to Play.

Want to hold a three hour tournament for 144 players using the same course but in a unique and different way? A shot gun start with teams of between 2 (36 players) to 8 players (144 players) makes this possible on the same 18 hole course played in a unique and fun way. The members will think they are playing a new course.

With a Live Leaderboard, players and spectators can keep a track of who is leading the tournament directly from the Golf Challenge App or on the clubhouse television.

We provide a full professional tournament service to help organise your event. From planning the on course challenges, event specific scorecards, live leaderboards and TV broadcast quality filming.

Would you like PGA or WPGA players to play in the tournament ? No problem with our partnerships we can provide leading professional players to join your event, making it a special experience for all.

For further details email, or simply use the create Club Challenge feature on the Golf Challenge App to do it yourself, for free!

Golf Challenge

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